Sunday, 13 January 2013

Dressing Table? Love the curvy calves!

Here's a dressing table I worked on - starting with the REVEAL - I bought this a while ago and put it in the garage with a tallboy dresser that will be my next project. 

This 1950s dresser still has the glass top and has been painted and waxed with cream chalk paint.

Here it is before I started.

People are always asking for this kind of dressing table, I love the detail of the drawers and those curvy legs!

As I get into this project, I'll bring out the scroll design, but start by taking off the handles and get everything ready.

And here I am after a first coat - I decided to use cream chalk paint this this time.

It's amazing how good it looks after just once coat, on the second coat I'll think about just how shabby I want to go with this.

The handles of the drawers are going to be another job.

I've added gold to the top of the drawers for a bit of bling when they are opened.  

I put some more gold onto the scroll work of the middle drawer

And here it is so far... 

Once I waxed it with clear wax, the lovely cream colour came out of the chalk paint, the handles are back on and it's ready to go!